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Introduction:Vehicle GPS tracker 4G Real-Time GPS Tracking for Vehicles, Cars, Assets. no monthly fee. GPS Tracker Devices 4G gives you all of the rock-solid features with lightning-fast connectivity, even in a tough environment.

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GPS Locator Device 4G
Vehicle GPS Tracker 4G
Car GPS Locator Tracking Device

GPS Tracker 4G,Car Tracking 4G

Car GPS Locator 4G
GPS tracker no monthly fee
GPS Tracker Devices 4G
GPS Tracker Devices 4G
GPS Locator Tracking 4G

Vehicle Tracker 4G,GPS Locator 4G

Real-Time GPS Tracking
Advantages of YB13:
* Small Size 
* Remotely stop and start your vehicle’s engine 
* Govern/Control speed and movement.
Main Functions of YB13:
1* Real-Time tracking by Android&IOS APP, and PC also.
2* Cut off oil& electric function 
3* Over-speed/Vibration/Low battery/ Cut off /Geo-fence alarm
Specification of YB13: 
* Networks:4G /3G 
* Backup Battery:3.7V 200mAh polymer battery 
* Operating voltage:9-100V 
* Location time:Cold start 35s-80s Hot start 1s 
* Location accuracy:5 meters 
* Operating temperature:-20℃~+55℃
* Dimension:84*44*16mm 
* Weight:50.6g
GPS Tracking 4G
Car Tracking 4G
GPS Tracker 4G
The GPS positioning system has three methods to query the position of the vehicle positioning tracker:
1. Check the car through the client. The GPS vehicle monitoring system can be downloaded and installed on the computer, and the vehicle can be located and searched through the client. The GPS vehicle monitoring system of the client is powerful, and the vehicle operation reports are clear at a glance, which is very suitable for fleet management.
2. Check the car by mobile app. The car search app is installed on the mobile phone to locate your car anytime, anywhere, which is really convenient. Forgetful friends no longer have to worry about where the car is parked!
3. Check the car by SMS. Use your mobile phone to send a text message to the terminal’s SIM phone number (the content sent by different GPS is different), and the terminal will return the Chinese text message at the current location.
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Also,by using the vehicle GPS tracker,we can see where they are and which direction they are going to so that we can ensure their safeties.
Vehicle Rental Company:
Car lending and tickets receiving…
real-time fleet tracking
Fake certifications mortgage,do not return car,hit and run
Fleet Management:
Vehicle fleet management
real time fleet tracking
Please Note:Please ensure tracker’s front will face up and won’t be covered by metal.
Truck’s recommended installation position:
Plastic roof inside
Console inside under the front windshield
fleet management system
Car’s recommemded installation position:
Front guard vicinity
Console inside under the front wind shield
Seats vicinity
Plastic board inside under the rear windshield
Car doors inside
Rear guard vicinity
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