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Managing Big Data to improve your fleet performance

Improve Fleet Performance

Big Data has made fleet management more effective than ever. Learn how connected processes can increase your drivers, trucks, and trailers’ productivity.
Big Data is revolutionizing fleet management, providing easier access to large volumes of data on the performance of trucks, trailers, and drivers, enabling fleet managers to plan, react and make key decisions in a more efficient manner. As the technology powering Big Data collection and analysis has got faster and more connected, the value of information to fleet managers has greatly increased, making it easier to ensure fleets are leaner, greener, and safer.
But how can you capitalize on all this data to improve your fleet’s productivity? The key is to know what data is most impactful and leveraging the tools and solutions at your disposal to harness it effectively. Armed with the right data, you can transform your fleet’s operations to identify and predict potential issues. This can help you create effective strategies that will lead to the right decisions.

More Efficient Dispatch

More Efficient Dispatch

With real-time GPS tracking, YUEBIZ simplifies dispatch allowing you to serve more customers. You can:

Locate the closest vehicle to any service call and reduce response times.

Dispatch the most convenient vehicle by reviewing real-time traffic updates.

Monitor how long your workers are spending at customer locations (proactively identify problems).

Improve Driver Behavior

Improve Driver Behavior

With YUEBIZ GPS tracking, you can identify inefficient or unsafe driver behavior and take steps to improve your customer service. Pinpoint areas of improvement such as:

Driver safety: Eliminate unsafe driver behavior including speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration.

Idling Time: Reduce wasted time and reach your customers quicker.

Routing: Determine the most efficient route to any location and provide accurate ETAs.

Serve More Customers Improve Service

Serve More Customers & Improve Service

Monitoring and improving customer service is difficult when employees are in the field all day. YUEBIZ streamlines worker dispatch and reveals inefficiencies.


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