Station wagons tracking

Introduction:Vehicle Tracking device with SOS button for Emergency Calling & Voice Monitoring your vehicle’s engine * Govern/Control speed and movement for Car Rental.

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Product Description

☆ Double mode positioning of GPS
☆ Real-time management of mobile APP
 ☆ Electronic fence
 ☆ Track replay
 ☆ Fully sealed waterproof
 ☆ Ultra-wide electric frequency
 ☆ Ultra-low power consumption


The main functions of YB01:
1. Real-Time tracking by Android&IOS APP, and PC also.
2. Do the Master setting 
3.Waterproof IP65
4.Over-speed alarm 
5.Vibration alarm 
6.Geo-fence alarm
7.Working Voltage:9-90V
YB01 Technical parameters:
3).Working Voltage:9~90V
4).Working Current:≈22mA (12vDC)
5).Working Current:≈12mA (24vDC)
6).GPS Fixed Time:Cold start≈38s(Open sky)
Warm start≈28s  
Hot start≈2s                                     
7).GPS Precision:10m(2D RM)
8).Working Temperature:-20℃~+70℃
9).Working Humidity:20%~80%RH
10).Measurement:54.8 L×33.6 W×18 H  (mm)
Fleet Management
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USE:Car tracker,Motorbike tracker,Electric motorbike tracker,Fleet tracker

Station Wwagons Tracking

GPS Tracking YB01 Main Functions:



Geo-fence will help you build safe area for your car/families. As long as the carrier is out of safe area the device will send an alarm via APP/SMS.

Cut off oil


With our engine immobilizer feature, you can turn off your vehicle engine by sending a simple SMS from your phone to the GPS Tracker inside your vehicle. Your vehicle CANNOT be turned on again even with the car key until you send an SMS to the GPS Tracker to allow the vehicle to be turned on again.



The server can store the data for half a year so you can check the historical routes in the APP&Web platform at any time.

ACC ON OFF alarm


Ignition on/off reporting advises you when your vehicle ignition is turned on and off (good to monitor fuel usage and drivers)



3G-sensor is built into the device. The user sets a safe speed of car once the driver is beyond that speed the device will send alarm to the user. That will decrease the rate of traffic.

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Also,by using the vehicle GPS tracker,we can see where they are and which direction they are going to so that we can ensure their safeties.
Vehicle Rental Company:
Car lending and tickets receiving…
real-time fleet tracking
Fake certifications mortgage,do not return car,hit and run
Fleet Management:
Vehicle fleet management
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YB01  Device connecting requirements:
  1. The device power supply is DC 9-90V. The red line is positive pole while the black line is negative pole.
  2. The negative pole of power supply connects with ground or the metals. Please do not connect with other ground lines.
  3. When finishing the power supply wire connection, please make the plug of power supply to the device.
YB01 Installation:
  1. Please read the instructions in detail;
  2. Product check, check whether the terminal type is correct, complete accessories?
  3. Choose SIM card. Please insert a SIM card to the device. Please take dealer’s advice as reference.
  4. SIM card installation. Discharge the cover of the device and uncover the SIM card holder. Then insert the SIM card and cover SIM card holder (as follows).
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