A Smart Speed Governor with Emotion

Model: SL02A
Introduction: Speed limiters. Speed limiters are devices that limit a vehicle’s maximum speed. A Smart Speed Governor with Emotion, Bus which limits the vehicle’s speed and protects the vehicle engine in a single cost-effective system.

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Smart Speed Governor
Speed Limiter
Speed Governor
Speed limiters

SL02A Main Features:

  • Data retrieval of speed record from device.

  • Speed limit at a pre-set speed without lose of engine power. 

  • Support data record ( speed record, date, time, driver ID,GPS location, etc. )

  • Support data export via USB flash disk. 

  • Support tracking the location directly by the Google map’s URL.

  • Support get speed signal from GPS, no effect on vehicles’ original brake or normal operation. 

  • Design and development meet Europe, Russian, America and other countries standard.

  • With professional platform.

  • Real-time fleet management. 

  • Programable 


Advantages of Speed limit device SL02A:

  • Use latest smart micro-controller to restrict speed.

  • Data can be viewed directly on computer and look over the movement track of vehicles on Google Map.

  • Design and development meet Europe, Russia, America and other country standard.

  • It proved to be used in extreme weather, resistance to vibration and shock.

  • Won’t be affected by weather.

  • SL02A Technical Parameters:

    • Wide Working Voltage range, from DC6V~45VDC, suitable for car or big truck. 

    • Working Current:﹤200mA

    • Consumption of Power: 5W

    • Grade of waterproof: waterproof

    • Working temperature: -40℃~85℃

    • Vibration-resistance performance indicator: Frequency 20-50HZ, acceleration 1g

    • The Electromagnetic Compatibility: voltage of anti-pulse reaches to 4000V

    • Dimension: 145*92*35MM

    • Net Weight: 2.0KG

SL02A Product Feature:

  • Safe—— Speed limiter can help drivers to completely control the speed when urgent situation occurs.  

  • Energy-saving—— Speed can be controlled via sensor, to reduce the fuel consumption greatly.

  • High performance—— Speed control means reducing the number of braking, shocking, load of engine and abrasion. All in all, high performance it is.

  • Environmental protection—— Precise controlling to realize the highest performance of engine, reduce emission and air pollution.  

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