GPS trackers for trucks & Bus & vans & trailers

Introduction:YB05 Vehicle Tracking with SOS Alarm and Voice monitoring & Real-time tracking, It is the best GPS locator on the market for fleet management.

Product Category

truck Tracker

Oil cut off
Voice monitor
Over speed alert
3 special numbers for SOS alarm and burglar alarm
remote upgrade
Real time tracking via Wed,APP and SMS

Bus Tracker
Truck Tracker Component function:
Remotely disable/enable engine of the vehicles by SMS or platform
Power supply cable with different kinds of interface which willbe flexible in installations
Positively pressing SOS panic button in case of any emergency condition like hijack,accidents and etc
Allow remote voice monitor fuction around 2 meters,install hiddenly without being notice.
trailers Tracking
1.Light and compact(Smart and cute size for small)
2.Easy installation(Allow a better history route review from the map)
3.Geofence(Geofence arrive and depart detection and alert)
4.ACC ignition detection(Allow real time car status detection)
5.Anti-theft alert(Ensure wealth safety under unexpected situation)
6.Internal storage under none GSM area(GPS date record even if GSM if temporarily disconnected)
7.Inflexion supplement(Clean and easy installation attract users acceptance)
8.Intelligent power management(Power save ensure motor vehicles daily usage)
9.SOS alarm(Hidden sos panic button in case of any emergency conditio)
10.Voice monitor(Remotely monitor the sound 2 meters around)
vans Tracking
Fleet Management

Bus Tracker, Vans Tracking

Trailers Tracking

Fleet Management YB05 Main Functions:



Once your car/child/elders are in danger the administrator calls the device and listen to the voice around the car/children/elders. The best protection is for your asset and families.



Elderly parents and relatives sometimes get lost or disoriented they press the SOS button the device will send SOS alarm to the administrator via SMS/APP/Web platform.



Geo-fence will help you build safe area for your car/families. As long as the carrier is out of safe area the device will send an alarm via APP/SMS.

Cut off oil


With our engine immobilizer feature, you can turn off your vehicle engine by sending a simple SMS from your phone to the GPS Tracker inside your vehicle. Your vehicle CANNOT be turned on again even with the car key until you send an SMS to the GPS Tracker to allow the vehicle to be turned on again.



The server can store the data for half a year so you can check the historical routes in the APP&Web platform at any time.

ACC ON OFF alarm


Ignition on/off reporting advises you when your vehicle ignition is turned on and off (good to monitor fuel usage and drivers)



3G-sensor is built into the device. The user sets a safe speed of car once the driver is beyond that speed the device will send alarm to the user. That will decrease the rate of traffic.

Cut off alarm


The anti-tamper feature alerts you if someone disconnects the power to the GPS Tracker.

fleet tracking
phone Tracking:
Please download our phone APP(AI Tracker) for IOS/Android system according to the insruction handbook after you bought trackers.
Tracking Car’s Trails By Phone:
Tracking Car’s Trails isn’t a dream.
We developed the APP for using smart phone to track the car.All you need to do is download and install the APP to your phone,and then you can track your car immediately.
Replaying Car’s Historical Route:
The historical moving route of the latest 3 months of the tracker can be replayed on our Android/IOS tracking APP(AI Tracker) or Wedpage( tracking platform.
 Historical Moving Route Replayed on Computer Webpage( platform:
trucks Tracking
Buses Tracking
Personal Vehicle:
Nowadays,thieves are active thus we are nervous everyday.
Except that,friends borrows our cars etc.will also make us upset…
BUT! A vehicle GPS tracker can solve the problems!
spy gps tracker
Also,by using the vehicle GPS tracker,we can see where they are and which direction they are going to so that we can ensure their safeties.
Vehicle Rental Company:
Car lending and tickets receiving…
real-time fleet tracking
Fake certifications mortgage,do not return car,hit and run
Fleet Management:
Vehicle fleet management
real time fleet tracking
Please Note:Please ensure tracker’s front will face up and won’t be covered by metal.
Truck’s recommended installation position:
Plastic roof inside
Console inside under the front windshield
fleet management system
Car’s recommemded installation position:
Front guard vicinity
Console inside under the front wind shield
Seats vicinity
Plastic board inside under the rear windshield
Car doors inside
Rear guard vicinity
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