GPS Asset tracking for Container & Cargo & boat & luggage

Introduction:What can I do to track my car, cargo, boat, and luggage in real-time? You can use the YB07 asset GPS tracker, you can keep an eye on your asset anytime anywhere.

Product Category

Asset Tracker
Smart GPS tracker
Strong magnet Wireless 2 Year Long Standby
Asset Tracking
6800mah big battery & Long time standby
Anti-demolition button:
Once the device is removed,Anti demolition button will bounce,will immediately send alarm messages to the App
Cargo Tracking
Strong magnetic adsorption:
Can be directly adsorption metal surface,such as Bottom of the car,car seat etc.
YB07 Technical parameter:
3). Working Voltage:3.90V DC
4). Working current:≈35mA (12vDC)
5). Working current:≈4mA (24vDC)
6).GPS locating time:Cold start≈38s(Open sky)Warm start ≈32s 
Hot start≈2s(Open sky)
7).GPS Precision:10m(2D RM)
8). Working temperature:-20℃~+70℃
9). Working humidity:20%~80%RH
GPS boat tracking
Asset Tracking Product Description:
*Real-time tracking
*Historical route
*Voice monitoring
*Demolition alarm
*Vibration alarm
*Displacement alarm
Container Tracking
Installation of diversification,free installation
Hidden installation,GPS Positioning accuracy
01,Under the rear bumper
02,Deputy under the driver’s side
03,Under the driver’s side
04,Under the front bumper
boat GPS tracking
GPS+LBS,satellite positioning,all-round no dead Angle,on-call 24 hours a day
Overspeed alarm:
When the vehicle speed,equipment will send alarm to your mobile phone,
in a time manner to avoid accidents
Container tracker
Vibration alarm,Electronic fence,Historical route,Remote monitoring
Have you ever encountered such a problem?
Transportation safety,Leased vehicle,Fleet management,Family to where?
magnet gps tracking
phone Tracking:
Please download our phone APP(AI Tracker) for IOS/Android system according to the insruction handbook after you bought trackers.
Tracking Car’s Trails By Phone:
Tracking Car’s Trails isn’t a dream.
We developed the APP for using smart phone to track the car.All you need to do is download and install the APP to your phone,and then you can track your car immediately.
Replaying Car’s Historical Route:
The historical moving route of the latest 3 months of the tracker can be replayed on our Android/IOS tracking APP(AI Tracker) or Webpage( tracking platform.
Strong magnet gps tracker
Historical Moving Route Replayed on Computer Webpage( platform:
Car tracking device Features:
1.YB07 is wireless magnetic car gps tracker,Strong magnet Wireless 2 Year Long Standby vehicle gps tracker,mini Free installation vehicle anti-theft device.
2.Once the device is removed,Anti demolition button will bounce,will immediately send alarm messages to the App.
3.Strong magnetic adsorption,Can be directly adsorption metal surface, such as Bottom of the car, car seat etc.
4.GPS + LBS, satellite positioning, all-round no dead Angle, on-call 24 hours a day.
5.6800mah big battery Long time standby.
6.nstallation of diversification, free installation Hidden installation, GPS Positioning accuracy
7.Over speed alarm/ cut off fuel and electricity /vibration alarm.

luggage trackers

Container Tracking, boat GPS tracking

Cargo tracker
Personal Vehicle:
Nowadays,thieves are active thus we are nervous everyday.
Except that,friends borrows our cars etc.will also make us upset…
BUT! A vehicle GPS tracker can solve the problems!
vehicle magnet tracking
Also,by using the vehicle GPS tracker,we can see where they are and which direction they are going to so that we can ensure their safeties.
Vehicle Rental Company:
Car lending and tickets receiving…
Wireless gps tracking
Fake certifications mortgage,do not return car,hit and run
Fleet Management:
Vehicle fleet management
fleet management system
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